In a fit of sheer madness we're heading out on the road for three months in a 4-door subcompact with 230,000 miles to meet new people, see new places, play music, and see where the adventure takes us. We've booked over 30 shows so far and we're working hard to add more as we go. We'd really appreciate your support in even the smallest amounts, for all the expenses the road brings... a tank of gas, a hot meal, a campsite, a motel room, an oil change, new strings, the unexpected car repair, a cup of coffee, a new can of propane for the cook stove, tolls, ferries, grocery store runs, a national park pass, a bag of ice for the coolers, and a hundred other things we haven't thought of yet. We'd love it if you'd click the "Donate" button above and donate to Sugar Still's "Insanity Fund" as we've dubbed it. Yes, we're undoubtedly insane. It's probably why you love us.

In return we'll sign you up for our members only area on our website and share our travels and discoveries with you from the road. A live version video of Tucumcari Skyline from the rim of the Grand Canyon? Very possible. Another of Rosalee from Yosemite? We sure hope so. Maybe a live version of Sunshine Woman from an ocean beach in Morro Bay, CA? Extremely likely. A recipe from Sarah as she makes up another amazing meal on our Coleman cook stove on Mt. Ranier? New songs about the rain and six-foot long pieces of hanging moss from Olympic National Forest? Laughter and wide eyes of wonder from Redwood Forest National Park? All these and more. And if you have a place we can sleep on the road, you get all that for free, and songs performed live in your kitchen as we cook you breakfast.

We did a dry run packing job to see if we could fit everything into Edna (our tiny 4-door subcompact 2000 Toyota Echo). It looks promising so far. We're pretty psyched. Join us on our journey? We'd love it if you'd come along.

Tour planning dry run packing.

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The tour route is pretty clearly planned from Feb 11th to April 26th as we have some 35 shows booked already, then we'll start back towards the midwest and we're unsure if we'll travel through Canada or the US. Since the primary driving force of this band is to travel to new paces, Canada would be the more mission-driven choice, but Glacier and Yellowstone have loud calls for me. We'll see. I've never been to Banff and I've always wanted to go.
Chicago to LA

LA to Vancouver

Vancouver to Madison

All told we'll drive over 10,000 miles on this trip, according to the current plan. Insane, right? Yes. Come with us!