Vancast #1 (Podcast from the van)

Hi all, we've made our first podcast... click the link below to listen and watch on YouTube...

It's our first "VanCast" podcast live from the van as we rocket down I-25 outside Casper WY in a rented van in search of a new van to replace our fallen tour star "Rosalita" who was slain by a prairie dog incident. In this episode we discuss Rosalita, prairie dogs, speed goats, the NoWoodStock Festival in Ten Sleep WY, van shopping, touring, Wind River Canyon, Thermopolis, wearing band thongs, and more. Love from the road! See you soon.

Van Fund Sessions - Heal Over

The latest entry in our relaunched "Van Fund Sessions", this is our take on "Heal Over" by KT Tunstall. We hope you like it. Big thanks to Sue Warfel for your support keeping us on the road.

This one was recorded in Tucson Arizona, or as Charlie calls it "Toothsan, Arizona" because he had a tooth pulled there the day before. Cheeky bastard. Hopefully his gums will heal over as well.

Van Fund Sessions - May it Be

This Van Fund Sessions video is for Kelsey Sasaki, and it's our version of "May it Be" from Lord of the Rings. We hope you like it, and thanks for the support to help keep us on the road, Kelsey!

Charlie is smiley and puffy because he'd just popped a Norcol after having a tooth pulled yesterday.

Here's the direct link to the video on YouTube:

Van Fund Sessions - Brand New Key

We resurrected "The Van Fund Sessions" at a recent gig at Brooks Wines in Amity Oregon and the fans quickly jumped on board with requests and generous donations to help us keep the van running. This song is dedicated to Ronald Jackson from Julia Dissen, and it's our take on the 60's folk classic "Brand New Key" by Melanie. We hope you like it. To request a song, go to thanks.

Sugar Still on 30 Minute TV Show

A 30 minute TV show we did in April has been edited and posted to YouTube for all to see, hooray!
We do five songs and are interviewed in between. It's a wonderfully high quality production, with 5 cameras and good sound, we're really psyched.

Song Order:
-Ravens & Cobblestones
-Sunshine Woman
-Broke Down Heart
-El Stop

To view it on YouTube click this link:

Steelbridge Songfest 2016

Every June since 2006, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin has seen a collection of over 50 songwriters and instrumentalists gather at the Holiday Music Motel for a week of writing, recording, creativity, and madness. These artists come from across North America and in some years, across the world to participate in this festival of original music and community building. We have had the pleasure of performing for this community since Sugar Still began in early 2015, but this last week was the first time we experienced the Construction Zone (the writing/recording portion) as a performing duo.

Van Repair Fund Project Track 3 (White Bird by It's A Beautiful Day)

As you may have seen in previous blog posts... we started this tour back in Chicago in a Toyota Echo, but it needed repairs in Denver, so we put the money we would have spent on the Echo into a 2003 Kia Sedona van instead. However, when we got near San Francisco it turned out the Kia needed as much repair as the Echo HAD needed back in Denver. But at least we could sleep in it, right? Bahahahaha. Tour life.

Van Repair Fund Project Track 4 (Trash by New York Dolls)

This project has blown up. Big thanks to the friends and fans sending these requests and sending money to help us pay for the van repairs that are enabling us to stay on tour. This is a cover requested by our friend Dusty Mason who fronts a kick-ass band north of Philadelphia called The Grave Cowboys... and he's requested "Trash" by the New York Dolls.
So here it is for your viewing and listening pleasure.