Sugar Still

Acoustic duo Sugar Still toured the US and Canada non-stop from 2015-2018, played over 400 shows worldwide, and released three albums. The songwriting duo, made up of conservatory-trained violinist/vocalist Sarah Blick and roots blues guitarist/vocalist Charlie Cheney, met in 2015 over a shot of whiskey and discovered a shared love of Americana, roots blues, bluegrass, gypsy jazz, and funk. They released their debut album "Balance" in June 2015, their follow up holiday EP "Sugar and Spice" in November 2015, and "Go" in March 2017, and now "Studio Van" in June 2020. All these albums are available on Spotify, iTunes, and BandCamp.

Please check out the site for a show calendar, music downloads, videos, show posters, and more. Visit the Contact page for bookings. Studio and live recordings are available via the usual streaming platforms, digital download, or on physical CDs (available by mail).

Sugar Still also has a Facebook page.