Van Repair Fund Project Track 4 (Trash by New York Dolls)

This project has blown up. Big thanks to the friends and fans sending these requests and sending money to help us pay for the van repairs that are enabling us to stay on tour. This is a cover requested by our friend Dusty Mason who fronts a kick-ass band north of Philadelphia called The Grave Cowboys... and he's requested "Trash" by the New York Dolls.
So here it is for your viewing and listening pleasure.

For those of you not familiar with the New York Dolls, take a look at their videos online and read the wiki, they kicked serious ass in their day and still do. Go buy their music. It's good for you and for the economy too. Thank you.

You can view the video we made up on YouTube here:

If you can chip in for the van fund too, we'd sure appreciate it, and feel free to request a song. Go to and give what you can. Thanks.
-Sarah and Charlie