Van Repair Fund Project Track 3 (White Bird by It's A Beautiful Day)

As you may have seen in previous blog posts... we started this tour back in Chicago in a Toyota Echo, but it needed repairs in Denver, so we put the money we would have spent on the Echo into a 2003 Kia Sedona van instead. However, when we got near San Francisco it turned out the Kia needed as much repair as the Echo HAD needed back in Denver. But at least we could sleep in it, right? Bahahahaha. Tour life.

A new fan who saw us in Sonora CA at The Gypsy Shack named Ron Brandon asked if we'd record a version of White Bird by It's A Beautiful Day. He said they had come through Sonora several times over the years and we really reminded him of them. It's funny, because at one of our first gigs about a year ago a couple up in Sturgeon Bay said we should play this song too. And a close friend had mentioned It's A Beautiful Day when he saw one of our earliest videos back in 2015. So here it is finally, our version of "White Bird" now on video.

You can view the video up on YouTube here:

If you can chip in for the van fund too, we'd sure appreciate it, and feel free to request a song. Go to and give what you can. Thanks.

-Sarah and Charlie