What are we doing right now?

    A number of things actually...
  • Playing two to three shows per weekend within 250 miles of Chicago. Next week we have three shows in Michigan.
  • Performing songs from our new holiday EP "Sugar and Spice" available on iTunes at
  • Preparing for our late December tour through southern California.
  • Booking our 2016 tour out west... we have dates booked in Wisconsin and Michigan in January, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and New Mexico in February, and California in March. Check out our calendar at
  • Planning three new videos for "The Swan", "Moonshine", and "Stompin' at Decca"
  • Having sex as often as possible.
  • Drinking whiskey neat.
  • Looking at world maps to figure out where to travel next

As our activities or priorities change, we’ll update this page. Last update was November 22, 2015.