Highway Man ❤️

Her voice is whispering through the telephone
Babe I miss you when you coming home
I know you're driving as fast as you can go
But I need you when I'm here alone

(I know you're)

Driving up through the mountains
And down through the rain
Winding through the valley
And you're doubling back again
But I need you beside me
Need to feel your hands
Need to know you're more
Than just a highway man

Sometimes I wonder why I make the haul
I used to love this, now I don't at all
I make a living, I'm barely getting by
I miss my children, I miss my wife

I used to drive cuz I loved to drive
Now I drive just to drive

It's getting harder, harder every day
To earn a living in an honest way
I used to think I, I was above the fray
But now I know I, I just need the pay