Sick for Love ❤️

Sick for Love
Blick/Cheney March 2020

CH: E7x4 A A E E7 B B E E7
I’m sick for love, bring your rubber gloves
So you can wash it away, each infected membrane
Wash it down the drain, god above
I’m sick for love

V: A A E E A A B B7
It’s comin’ out of my nostrils, it’s comin’ out of my eyes
It’s comin’ out of every orifice that nature could devise


Won’t you sanitize me, my tears are viscous
Rub a little bit harder, clean enough to lick this


Br: B D A E B D A B
Quarantine me, deep clean me, scrub me til I’m raw
Get inside, bring Astroglide, it’s mandated by law