Oaktree Inn ❤️

Oaktree Inn: E texas swing, Br: C#m B A E(B) x2

Transpose down two steps to C
C A F G Bridge: Am G F C Am G F G

Won’t you meet me down in Tulsa
I’ll be at the Oaktree Inn
Park in front of room 114
By the ice machine on the end
We can make love in the sunset
My hands upon your skin
If you meet me at the Oaktree Inn

I’ve been tossing bread and oranges
To the birds and the bees
I bought two bags at the farmer’s market
Back in Culver City
I’ve been throwing peels out the window
For a thousand miles I bet
Since I gunned it from the coast
Over the mountains
The sky dries into pastels
I can feel it soaking in


Chase me down Route 66
Starting at the pier
Point your headlights to the east
And soon you’ll meet me here
Two sunsets from the ocean
The prettiest you’ve seen
As the high desert sky turns tangerine
Drying into pastels, I can feel it soaking in

C#m B
Halfway to Chicago, the air turns dry and cold
Past windmill farms, cotton fields and sky
C#m B
I can change if you let me to the man you used to know
With fire and desire in his eyes

I know just how I’ll find you
With a six-pack on the hood
One shoe on, one shoe off,
And a smile that’s up to no good
I’d have kept you in Los Angeles
But I wasn’t dealt that hand
So tonight I’ll have you in my arms again
With its sky turned to pastel
I can feel it soaking in
Chorus x2