Rosalee ❤️

Rosalee, honey why you running to me? Rosalee, baby why you running to me?
I'm sure you've left another lying in the street, Rosalee
I'll bet she's bowed and broken just like you left me, Rosalee

Rosalee, honey who you going to see? Rosalee, who you going to see?
If you're leaving now show some decency, Rosalee
You can close the shades so I can cry in peace, Rosalee

Rosalee, if you stay with me
I'll love you forever this I guarantee
Rosalee, just you wait and see, Rosalee

Rosalee, honey whatcha doing to me? Rosalee, baby whatcha doing to me?
I'm an easy mark, a low-slung piece of meat, Rosalee
And if you ever need me, baby call me please, Rosalee