Fortune Teller ❤️

Fortune Teller: C bluegrass, starts w/chorus (F)
Actually let’s change it to start G-A-D

Fortune Teller
Why'd you have to tell me that
Fortune Teller
That my baby's gonna leave me flat
It might take a week and it might take a month
It might be when I'm old and fat
I wish I didn't know what you told me, oh
Why'd you have to tell me that

We just heard wedding bells
She had that new bride smell
As we were walking down
The boulevards of New Orleans
She saw your window signs
And your neon lights
Twenty dollars for a reading
From the Cajun Queen

You read my tarot cards and my tea leaf shards
Said the lines upon my palm proved I'd live in pain
Why'd you tell me that, I want my ignorance back
Back when I believed she'd love me
Until my dying day