Showroom Shine

Showroom Shine: V: F#m AE x4
Ch: F#m A B DC# x2
Br: A G#7 x4 C#

Call me when you've got that showroom shine
Looks like a dollar but costs a dime
Sleek new paint I won't hesitate
To take you on the road

Last time I saw you you were looking rough
After six years thought you'd had enough
Tired of waiting for that long shot pay out
That never came through

I'll be up dear come on over
No need to call ahead
I'll be up at any hour
I won't make the bed

Sexual tension, another dimension
Not to mention my intention
To undress you when you get here
And we'll drink beer and whiskey hurry up

It's good to see that you still clean up nice
Baby I know you just took bad advice
You didn't mean to hurt me
You were young and scared

Babe it's been so long since you last turned me on
The back door will be open when you come