Palatine: Bm, Br: Am Em A Em

"My Funny Valentine" drifting in the air,
The billboards stop and stare down the road.
White lines count and keep time, metronome as concrete unfolds.

I used you to get to Palatine, past rows of shuttered stores
Your mother said she knew my kind, the wanderer.

A pockmarked moon and blemished sun stop you in your tracks.
There's no way for you to relax with me around.
Onward she strolls, plagued with potholes, wounds that make no sound.

I used you to get to Palatine, when the bar opened its doors.
I bathed in gin and quinine, the wanderer movin' on.

I raced you down at eighty-five miles an hour.
Red and blues drawn to me like flies on shit.
Rubber fries and burns my brain as glass shards make me whole again,
Breathe in your salvation as I take the hit.

I used you to get to Palatine
Forsaking bays and bridges behind, the wanderer's home.
Ooh the wanderer's home...