Whiskey Waltz

Whiskey Waltz: V: Amaj7 D7 x4
Ch: Am Dmaj7
Br: B...E...B...Em

At the bar, they only serve beer
brewed within county lines
Cuz no one ever leaves here, or so they say
Barstools worn to the springs with vinyl peeling away
Are only a few of the things
that slowly change

Ellie takes any hand offered
To dance the Whiskey Waltz
She'll give up a bit of her honor for a moment's distraction
He takes every chance to ask her to dance
To protect her from the boys who want part of the action

Every so often, there's a fight
over some bottle or tab
It doesn't happen every night
but the stories keep
She leans on her door like she did the night before
Pops some pills to forget her date and fall asleep
Lucid dreams show her a world outside
Glittering keys she must smother and hide