Holiday Album and Fall Recipes 2015: Part 1

This is Blue and I've got some recipes for you (with high-heeled shoes, that'll do, Pig, that'll do.) But first, news about our fresh holiday EP Sugar and Spice (sign up on our email list for a free download when it comes out!)
Last weekend we laid down four tracks with Mr Steve Smith, the man, the Mith, the legend, in Elgin and ended up with three originals and one traditional tune. "Sleigh Bells" is a swingin' Cheney number, and "Christmas Day" and "Sugar and Spice" were written by us in the last 4-6 weeks. "Greensleeves" is our traditional instrumental, but hardly in the traditional style: uke-style pizzicato intro, sultry guitar lead, blending styles (some Bluegrass, a bit of Irish, with Klezmer to taste). We even stepped outside our usual, simple live recording practice (just guitar, violin, vocals) and I put some serious string tracks on the two new originals. We're very excited to share this with all of you, and we'll be debuting it in November at uncommon ground in Chicago, and on our Thanksgiving Michigan tour, and then in California for Xmas! And yes, "holiday" not "Xmas" album because I'm leading the War on Christmas with my menorah and immoral lifestyle held high. Complete with cardamom and cinnamon.

Scroll down for some to see some pics and at the bottom are some fab recipes for cozy treats.

Fall's sneaking in:




Apple Pie Oatmeal:

Oatmeal (for obvious reasons)
1 granny smith apple, diced
Brown sugar
Ginger powder
Crispy oatmeal cookies

Throw everything except sugar and cookies into a bowl. Don't place gently, actually throw it in. Add boiling water and cover, or add normal water and microwave. Add sugar to taste and crumble cookies on top. Enjoy with coffee.

Blick Toddy:

Whiskey (with whiskey on top and a side of whiskey)
Cinnamon stick
Whole cloves
Lemon slices
Single drop of sriracha

Stick cloves into lemon, place at bottom on glass. Pour in whiskey, add 1 tsp honey, Sriracha, and cinnamon stick. Pour in boiling water and mix. Take a sip and revel in the warmth spreading through your body as you contemplate your next bad, awesome decision.