The Dawn of Sugar Still

Sarah here, and I’ve got a story for you to kick off this blog:

Back in December 2014 I was in Los Angeles buying a car from a family friend. Charlie happened to be in LA at the same time, (just 3 months after we met at a Mudflapp gig), and he offered to drive back with me to Chicago. I named the new car "The Helen Mirren Express" because it's an aged, white, classy as hell, 1998 Honda Accord coupe with a sunroof. As we left LA we bought a pint glass to turn my iPhone into a stereo, and she took us all the way along Route 66 from Santa Monica to Chicago for the New Year. We took the two songs we wrote along the way (“Coffee Blues” and “Oak Tree Inn”) to an open mic on Belmont and realized we should probably take a chance for as long as we could find adventure.


Hey all, Charlie here to chime in with a few of my memories from that first trip. The Helen Mirren Express was awesome, and though a slight swerve and the California plates may have gotten us pulled over in Texas, Sarah's girlish charms got us out of any tickets. We didn't kill each other, the western sky was also awesome, particularly the sunsets, and Texas is not a bad place to order a burrito as big as your head.

Here are a few photos from the trip...

The Helen Mirren Express:

New ride...I will call her Helen (Mirren): she's old but handles beautifully! #yaycar

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The new stereo system:

Cd player doesn't work, so we use this glass as iphone speakers. All aboard the Helen Mirren Express! #longliverock

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The Grand Canyon

Afternoon drive.

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The notorious first open mic: