Sunshine Woman - Live from San Onofre State Beach

As part of our winter /spring 2016 tour through Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia... and points beyond... we promised we'd record versions of our songs from the road. Here's a version of our song "Sunshine Woman" live from San Onofre State Beach near San Clemente, California from the morning of Sunday March 13th on a beautiful sunny day with surfers behind us. We hope you like it!

Sugar Still Gets Some Fun Taos, NM Press

Fun press! Sarah was interviewed while we were driving through Nebraska.

"While he was driving for the entire phone interview with The Taos News, Cheney did manage to pass on one message to Taos readers through Blick.

“At our core, we are singer/songwriters,” he says. “We love to share our songs and our art.”

Tour begins in three days

The tour begins in three days. I’m out of my apartment, I’ve been living out of my two bags for about two weeks, and my Chicago life has been stored away in two bins and a suitcase. Charlie’s packed our stuff away in Madison, and is currently up there hanging with his father before Daddy Cheney has heart surgery. My grandma had heart surgery a couple weeks ago, and sends good vibes and strong pulses. This sudden reminder of mortality and anatomy has had us thinking a lot about intimacy and heart healthy diets.


Charlie Ruminations

Hey all, felt like tossing a blog up here, ruminating on, if not all things Sugar, at least a few. It's been quite a ride so far since we first started playing together back in January, mercurial, meteoric, glorious... and there have been a few plateau moments too, where I looked around and thought "what exactly is happening now?" as we found ourselves in a momentary lull due to outside forces like work, family, time, logistics, other projects, other bands.

Hi from Omaha!

Hello from the road! We're currently in Day 3 of our first Fall Tour of 2015, and after playing Gabe's (Iowa City) and Barley Street Tavern (Omaha), we're taking the day off to explore and get work done. We've had a blast so far, meeting a ton of awesome people, and discovering the music scene in the Quad Cities, Benson, and soon Kansas City, MO! Even though Edna (Charlie's car) doesn't have A/C, we've managed to keep cool with iced coffee and open windows offering the scents of the rolling Iowa hills.