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Gypsy folk duo Sugar Still releases their third studio album Go on March 1, 2017. The ten lusty, polished tracks were written and recorded during their 2016 US tour, each one as unique as the location where it was written. Since starting out in 2015, their cowriting has merged into “gypsy folk”: a marriage of Charlie Cheney’s roots-blues storytelling and Sarah Blick’s Classical upbringing with influences like Devil Makes Three (“Blushing Rose”), Stevie Wonder (“Tiny Turns”), Jefferson Airplane (“Charlotte”), Gillian Welch (“Anvils”) and more, all with ripping violin, percussive guitar, whiskey-soaked harmonies, and a signature confident vulnerability.

From Chicago to the length of the west coast to the Adirondack Mountains, the duo has hitched their ambition to a minivan and a kinetic love of travel. They’ve come a long way from meeting in a dive bar over a shot of Jameson, logging over 150 shows in 2016 alone.

Go is a vulnerable snapshot of Sugar Still at a crossroads, transitioning between the road-tested acoustic duo sound and the new fully fleshed out band sound of Greg D’Alessio’s remixes. Blick and Cheney’s mission is to enrich performances with anecdotes collected from fans at shows, at their kitchen tables, and on the side of the highway. Go is a distilled travelogue filled with concise motivations for travel on each track, whether it’s for work, play, fear, or love. This album captures the emotional range of a red-blooded traveler, from sullen snowed-in complaints to luscious desire to the pivotal decision to stay or go.

Pre-orders for Go are available now at https://squareup.com/store/sugarstill/

Anvils 4:10
Blushing Rose 3:21
Keeseville 4:21
Kitchen Door 4:15
Tiny Turns 4:05
Walking Backwards in Flip Flops 3:08
Charlotte 4:04
Mud in the River 4:11
Anvils (GD Remix) 4:07
Kitchen Door (GD Remix) 4:19

“Sugar Still is the very embodiment of creativity… you can’t take your eyes off of them… They are a journeyman act.”—Coffee Gallery, CA
“Sugar Still drips with sound that is haunting and celebratory, endearing and raw… The range of sound coming from this two piece band is much greater than the sum of their parts.”—On Track

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Charlie Cheney
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